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Body Buttercream

This is a rich & nutritious body cream packed with skin-loving ingredients.  It make's a perfect hand treatment, especially for chapped hands.  It also make's a wonderful foot balm.  I have written a leaflet (for your customers) that you are free to use or adapt to suit you (registered members).  Customer leaflet....

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Oil Phase:
10g Coconut oil
10g Mango Butter
10g Shea Butter
1g Olive Wax
5g Emulsifying Powder
1g Cetyl Alcohol

Water Phase:
70g Spring Water (boiling)
Preservative (as recommended by manufacturer)

Third Phase: (at around 35°)
3g Glycerine
3g Vitamin E

Fourth Phase: (at around 25°)
10-15 drops of EO or FO (I like lemongrass)

Lactic or citric acid to balance pH


1. Melt the oil phase in a double boiler (above 75°)
2. Add the oil phase to the water stage in a thin steady stream and stir using a whisk (a stick blender is best to use) for 5 minutes
3. Steep bowl containing the mixture into a bowl of ice-cold water (cools the mixture more quickly) while continuing to mix (it will begin to thicken as it cools)
4. When temperature has cooled to around 35°, add the glycerine & vitamin E and continue to mix
5. 5. When temperature has cooled further to around 25°, add EO/FO, mix well and check the pH (adjust pH as appropriate to around 5.5)

Pour into jars & label!

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