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Skin Conditioning Cream

This is a hand/body cream:

5g Cyclo alternative
1.5g Fruit peel wax
2g Avocado butter
4.5g Unrefined baobab oil
4g Unrefined blueberry oil

5g Emulsifier (one I have been experimenting lots recently and am smitten)

2g Glycerine
67g Water

5g Herbal fusion (althea, hope , marigold, St. Johns Wort, mallow and juniperberry - synergistic blend for dry skin)
2g Vit E

1g Ethox
1.5g FO (I wasn't particularly interested in frangrancing but popped some in anyway - does enhance the overall finished product though)
0.5g Citric (not a strict measurement it was just to adjust the final pH)

This is a lovely, glossy cream.  I have been playing with the emulsifier for some time now and finding I am rather smitten with wonderful skin-feel that doesn't become aparent until about 5-10mins after application.  I don't usually stick blend with this emulsifier but I did for the first 2 minutes with this one (just to see if there were any differences from previous occasions - there didn't seem to be).

The cream is rich and absorbs lovely (leaving that incredible skin-feel after that I have been really enjoying).  Adding the wax was an interesting change and I think enhanced the gloss.

The cream itself is 'set' and a nice rich cream but would almost certainly be pumpable.  I was using the cyclo replacement for the first time here.  I don't think it made any massive difference to absorption (previous creams made with this emulsifier have not been tacky and have absorbed quickly so it is difficult to notice any differences) but I certainly think it enhances spreadability and adds to the 'luxury' feel of the cream itself.

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