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Velvet Skin Cream With Andiroba Oil

A really simple, no-fuss method

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This is a lovely, rich cream that is most suited to normal and dry skins.  It makes a particularly nice hand cream.  It has a luxurious velvet texture that leaves the skin very soft and looking nice and healthy.

It is very easy to make and you don’t need to have any special equipment, not even a stick blender!

Water Phase (all in one bowl, except the water, which will be added later)

68g Water (I use a kettle and usually bring to boil 2-3 times before hand, to kill germs)
1g Glycerine
1g Ethox – normally this is added at the cooling phase, but in this simplified method, it is added in now, into one bowl)

Oil Phase (all in the other bowl)

5g Emulsifying Powder
3g Cetyl Alcohol
2g Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate (this can be added to either the water or oil phase)

5g Andiroba Oil
5g Rice Bran Oil
2.5g Cocoa Butter
2g Olive Squalane

Cooling Phase (all in one beaker or bottle, mixed together)

3g Skin Drench Herbal Extract Blend
2g D-Panthenol
0.5g Rosemary Seed Extract
1g Essential Oil Blend or Fragrance Oil

Method Simplified…

1.    Boil the kettle and fill both milk pans with boiling water

2.    Place the whole of the oil phase in one bowl and place over one of the simmering milk pans

3.    Place all of the water phase (except the water) over the other simmering milk pan (this ensures the bowl is nice and hot so that when the water is added, the bowl doesn’t cool it)

4.    Fill the large bowl with cold water (you can include ice cubes if you want) as this will be your cool bath and will be used later

5.    Wait for the oil phase to completely melt and get nice and hot at which point, boil the kettle (again)

6.    Into a measuring beaker on an accurate scale, weigh out 68g just boiled water and immediately add it to your water phase bowl.

7.    Then, add the contents of the oil phase bowl to your water phase, stirring quickly (being careful not to introduce too much air though)

8.    Keep stirring over the heat for at least five minutes (this will produce a cloudy fluid)

9.    Then, immerse the water phase bowl into the cool bath and continue to stir steadily, but not too fast, until the cream begins to cool and thicken (it will form soft peaks)

10.    When it has cooled to room temperature (test on the back of you wrist) add your ‘cool phase’ mix and stir well.

11.    Place in pots, then into the fridge for a couple of hours (lids off), then at room temp for a couple of hours (again, lids off).  Lid and label :o)
A really simple, no-fuss method, yet a high-end, luxurious cream, full of goodies.

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