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New Service

Convenient.  Time-Saving.  Waste-Saving.

All your ingredients weighed to your specification so all you need to do is add your ingredients to your mix, saving you time and, because you buy only what you need, there’s no waste or leftovers, saving you money. 

Absolute confidentiality will be maintained at all times and for always.

How it works.

1. Add the custom package/s to your cart as usual, along with any other products you wish to order (you will notice at this point, there is no price).  

2. When you checkout add the following details to the customer notes box (you can send an email if you prefer):

Quantity of each

For example:

1 x coconut oil @ 40g
2 x sweet almond oil @ 125g
1 x cocoa butter aromatic @ 13g

3. Submit your order, but don’t make any payment yet (simply close the window when you go through to paypal or click back)

4. You will be emailed a price for the custom package and, once you have confirmed you are happy to proceed, your order will be adjusted accordingly and sent to you by email.  You are never under any obligation whatsoever.

5. To complete, all you would need to do is click the payment prompt on your confirmation email or you can log into your account, go to account maintenance (low down on the left hand menu), click ‘view order’ and follow the prompt from there.

How it is priced.

Price will be based on the nearest weight/volume price listed on the site.  All items within a custom order will be supplied by weight and not volume, regardless of whether or not an item is usually sold by volume on the site.

For example:

If a product costs £1.00/100g and £1.75/200g and 75g is requested, the cost will be 75p + 10% packing fee (the 100 price pro rata).

If the requirement exceeds more than 20g over the next price increment, it will then be charged at the next price increment (below 20g, the lower price increment will apply).  So, using this example, if the requirement is 120g of the product, it will be charged at the next increment above pro rata (in this case it would work out to £1.05 + 10% packing fee).  However, if the requirement is 119g, then the 100g price will apply (in this case would work out to £1.19 + 10% packing fee).  The greater the weight, the better the value, gram for gram.

Basically, providing the product weighs at least 20g above the next price increment, then the next price increment will apply.

PLEASE NOTE: there may, in some cases, be an additional charge if the product weight requested is very low and the cost of the packaging cannot be covered. 

IMPORTANT  While Fresholi will always take the greatest care to ensure accurate measurements, it cannot accept any responsibility for the customer's final product formulation.  It is the customer's responsibility to ensure items are of the correct weight before adding to any formulation.

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